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18 of the World’s Greatest Pot Tattoos



When we set out to find the best marijuana-related ink on the web, we had no idea that the greatest pot tattoo in the world would fall into our laps. It almost makes all the work we did scouring Twitter for photos seem completely irrelevant.

HIGH TIMES fan Rogelio Vega (Supa Pilot Roc Vega) sent us a photo of his intricately detailed front piece, which takes weed enthusiasm to the next level and is totally one of the coolest Cannabis Cup promotions we’ve ever seen.

So we decided to take a page out of his book and invited artists from the House of Pain Tattoo Studio to our 2016 Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino on October 8th and 9th.

Peruse this list for inspiration and then come get inked with us at our live cannabis experience! Tickets are available: HERE

 Let’s be honest. Nothing can compare to that. But we definitely don’t hate these other weed-related tattoos we found on Twitter.