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20 Different Strains to Get You Through Every Moment of 4/20

Mark Miller



Thursday marks the “highest holiday” with the arrival of April 20. Yet, while vape pens, dabs and delectable edibles all enhance the 420 experience to a stupendous degrees, there’s nothing quite like the sensory experience of putting flame to flower in a packed joint, stuffed pipe or ripped bong.

With that in mind, we set about compiling a list of 20 top strains for the exalted day of 4/20—and while it may be theoretically possible for one to smoke them all, not everyone has access to every one of these particular strains—unless perhaps you work at a dispensary, or write for HIGH TIMES! The purpose of this list is to give the celebratory stoner an overview of some of the great ganja strains that deserve to be held higher than usual on this high holiday.

In selecting these 20 strains, we considered various factors, including the higher limits of THC percentage for the strain—though not necessarily the highest ever documented—as they say, your results may vary.

We’ve also included a couple of CBD-dominant strains, those that feature a much higher percentage of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive healing cannabinoid that chills the mind and soothes the body in so many manners. Medical marijuana’s inclusion is crucial—just because it’s a stoner holiday doesn’t mean that ailments, and treating them with cannabis, take the day of 4/20 off.

As you can see, sativas tend to be fruitier and sweeter in taste than the more “earthen” indicas, yet in indica-dominant hybrids—where there is sativa present—the flavors tend to run sweeter and more complex. Sativa and sativa-dominant strains tend to be more potent, containing more THC than the indica-leaning flowers as well, contributing to their more stimulating cranial capabilities.

For brevity’s sake, any references to a particular strain of weed winning the “Cup” is intended to mean the “HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup,” held in Amsterdam for 27 years from 1988 to 2014 and currently held in various U.S. locales since 2010 and running.

So grab one—or all 20 if you can—of these strains of wonderful weed to make the most of your 4/20 holiday, from morning wake-n-bake to evening cool-down. 


Strain: Red Congolese
Taste: Earthy, herbal, smooth
THC: 30 percent
High: Cerebral, serene

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In these political times of disharmony, let our weed at least be all-inclusive, include strains from across the globe, beginning with this African landrace sativa that promises a unique taste and high.

Strain: Lamb’s Bread
Taste: Sweet, spicy, complex
THC: 25 percent
High: Creative, energized

Allegedly reggae groundbreaker Bob Marley’s favorite strain of weed, a couple tokes of some good Bread while listening to “I Shot the Sheriff” will reveal how this herb inspired Bob during the creative process in crafting his legendary tunes.

Strain: Thai
Taste: Exotic, spicy, citrus
THC: 24 percent
High: Euphoria, inspiring

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Another pure landrace sativa that has spawned oh so many spectacular strains, this strain produces some of the finest flowers Southeast Asia has to offer. It’s also known as Thai Stick.

Strain: Durban Poison
Taste: Fruity, sweet, pine
THC: 24 percent
High: Centered, uplifted

South Africa isn’t all about racism and Apartheid, it’s produced rap band Die Antwoord and this wonderful sativa landrace emerging from the port city of Durban.


Strain: Fucking Incredible or F’n Incredible
Taste: Earthy, skunk, caramel
THC: 24 percent
High: Couch lock, stress relief

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Because what’s more “f’n incredible” than celebrating 4/20 with a mind-numbing indica? While F’n Incredible’s genetic origins are shrouded in some ambiguity dating back to 1990, there’s no mystery when it comes to the flower’s ability to relax and even sedate given enough puffs.

Strain: G-13
Taste: Earthy, pine, dark berry
THC: 27 percent
High: Body relief, upbeat

Urban legend has it that G-13 is a “liberated” strain from the federal government’s pot farm at the University of Mississippi. Allegedly, Afghan plant (see below) clones, each slightly distinct, were labeled G-1 thru G-23. G-13 was said to be the most stable of those clones and the one pilfered from the college, soon spreading across the U.S.  Even if just a myth, it’s a great story to tell while passing a joint of this bud!

Strain: Afghan Kush
Taste: Hash, herbal, resin-rich
THC: 21 percent
High: Body relief, sleepy

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One of the classic landrace indicas descended from the Hindu Kush mountain range, where these flowers cultivated in high altitudes produce potent pot.

Strain: Black Domina
Taste: Spicy, Peppery, mossy
THC: 20 percent
High: Relaxation, sedation

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This is a powerful post-party strain to wind down the day, probably best sampled after twilight while watching NBA or NHL playoffs (or laughing at a viewing of “Reefer Madness” if you’re not a sports fan).


Strain: Gorilla Glue #4
Taste: Sticky-sweet, smooth
THC: 26 percent
High: Serenity, euphoria

This hybrid and its phenotypes remain top-notch, developed by GG Strains season after season with frosty nugs that initiate a total sense of well-being while still remaining focused like no other. It won the 2014 SoCal Cup.

Strain: Sour Diesel
Taste: Sour, skunky, candy
THC: 26 percent
High: Alert, purposeful

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Sour Deez is one of the most popular classic hybrid sativa-dom strains with uncertain origins that’s been getting people baked since the 1990s, and one that should be honored via consumption on 4/20 as often as possible.

Strain: Trainwreck
Taste: Pine-woodland, spice
THC: 25 percent
High: Headrush, creative

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Instead of “Trainwreck” perhaps this strain should playfully be renamed “Planecrash,” due to its worldwide lineage coalescing Mexican, Thai and Afghan landraces—combined with its ability to send the user soaring over the cerebral horizon.

Strain: Dragon’s Breath
Taste: Rich, sweet, smoky
THC: 22 percent
High: Energetic, optimistic

Commemorate 4/20 by climbing to the highest peak in your town and blow ferocious fumes of this strain’s smoke, more potent than any dragon on Game of Thrones could hope to muster!  These flowers are an intriguing crossbreed of two legendary strains: tasty super-sativa Jack Herer and classic indica Northern Lights.

Strain: Super Lemon Haze
Taste: Lemon, citrus, tangy
THC: 25 percent
High: Focused, stress-crusher

Lemon is a hot pot flavor for 2017. This unique hybrid is a combo of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, and its “Lemon Pledge” aroma and ambitious buzz tell you why this strains is a two-time Cup winner from Green House Seeds.


Strain: Thin Mint
Taste: Minty, sweet
THC: 24 percent
High: Medicating, happy

This tasty phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies (see below) took the 2014 NorCal Cannabis Cup.

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies
Taste: Spicy-sweet, earthy
THC: 21 percent
High: Relaxing, meditative

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This indica-dominant is such a defining strain, it took the 2013 NorCal Cup in the pure “Indica” category. This culture-defining hybrid flows perfectly with the hip-hop lifestyle.

Strain: MK Ultra
Taste: Hashy, woodland
THC: 18 percent
High: Hypnotic, heavy

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Derived from G-13, here’s another strain that fits the dissident spirit of 4/20; in this case, by ironically smoking a strain named after the CIA’s mind control program that spawned assassins and serial killers alike. The marijuana version of MK Ultra has won multiple Cannabis Cups (2003-04).

Strain: Death Star
Taste: Earthy, sour, pungent
THC: 26 percent
High: Sedative, deep-sleep

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This 2014 Michigan Cannabis Cup second-place strain winner is an intriguing blend of the potent dark indica Sensi Star and the aforementioned Sour Diesel, producing higher THC levels than you find in most indica-doms.

Strain: Mr. Nice
Taste: Earthy, hash, pine
THC: 19 percent
High: Calming, joyful

Another descendent of G-13 combined with Hash Plant for a 1-2 heavyweight high. Like the name implies, this strain offers a mellow buzz for those preferring a more sedate celebration.


Strain: Ringo’s Gift
Taste: Sweet, berry, minty
High: Pain Relief, Soothing
8.5 percent CBD, 0.4 percent THC

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This strain name comes not from The Beatles, but for the late great Laurence Ringo, a cannabis activist and CBD cultivation pioneer. This medicinal strain combines Harle Tsu (Harley Sue) and AC/DC, two CBD-rich strains. This gift boasts up to a 24:1 CBD to THC ratio.


Strain: Charlotte’s Web
Taste: Woodland, pine, earthy
High: Medicating, calm, focused
20 percent CBD, 0.5 percent THC

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A special strain indeed, named for Charlotte Figi, the young epileptic patient whose life was saved by this CBD-dominant that can produce an extremely high cannibidiol count.

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