2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup: Day 2 Recap

Despite the high temps, a huge crowd came out for Day 2 of the 2016 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup. Our editor-in-chief, Dan Skye, captured the excitement!

Thanks to all who made this such a historic event, particularly our premier sponsors: Advanced Nutrients, Moon Rocks Atomik420.com, BAMF Extractions, CannaSutra Collective, LA Kush Genetics, Downtown Patient Collective, Higher Vision Cannabis, GreenWolf Cali, Nameless Genetics, New Amsterdam Naturals, SourceVapes, and The Cali Connection.

A37A4196The VIP area always provides a welcome timeout area—especially when the temperature passes 100 degrees! 

A37A4197Jason Beck and Dr. Dina of AHHS in West Hollywood were armed to the teeth with tasty concentrates.

A37A4203The dab hostesses at The Clear cooled off in the air conditioning before returning to their duties.

A37A4213Cali Kush Farms was at work all day long assisting the concentrate crowd.

A37A4217At Killer Dabs, the products are by no means dangerous. But you may leave your body in the most heavenly manner.

A37A4222Tony and Swerve of The Cali Connection distributed their top genetics throughout the weekend.

A37A4225At Jay’s Concentrates, an attendee wrestled with a six-foot bong—and lost!

A37A4230Want some candy? Infused Creations provided an array of items for the stoner sweet tooth.

A37A4241The plethora of strains available at JAHnetics required a contingent of helpful budtenders.

A37A4253Looks like the zombie craze has creeped into the stoner world!

A37A4260The ladies at Gold Drop were happy to keep the hordes high.

A37A4266Comedienne Jade Catta-Preta provided lots of laughs in the VIP area.

A37A4285Pick a winner! You won’t choose incorrectly at Cali Gold Genetics.

A37A4299O.G. Cali Buds offered a variety of O.G. genetics.

A37A4313Needless to say, NuBloom Fresh Squeezed Medicated  Lemonade was a hit with thirsty stoners.

A37A4330High temperatures certainly didn’t deter the excitement of pot fans eager to try new strains.

A37A4332The OMB Collective of Humboldt County showcased the buds of Island Mountain Genetics.

A37A4338HIGH TIMES Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko hosted the event’s signature seminar: “Advanced Cannabis Cultivation: Growing For Concentrate Production.”

A37A4350Atomik tossed its Cup-winning merchandise into a teeming crowd.

A37A4389Cannabis Cup favorite B.O.B. shared joints and took selfies with fans in mid-concert and had a ball!

A37A4433Lil Wayne took the stage and immediately lit up!

A37A4465After performing for only 10 minutes, Lil Wayne inexplicably threw down his microphone and lit out, leaving the crowd disappointed.

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