2016 MI Cannabis Country Fair Cup: Top 5 Vape Pen Cartridges

We had lots of awesome entries in the Vape Pen Cartridge Category at the 2016 MI Medical Cannabis Country Fair Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 5.

HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—PSI Labs—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition, as well as our premier sponsors—Advanced Nutrients, The Cali Connection and Herbal Solutions.

1 – Death Star Distillate Oil from LightSky Farms

2 – Skywalker OG from LoudPack Extracts

3 – Angel Food Cake Super Oil from Higher Vision with Bumble Bee Vape Pen & Safier Family Farms

4 – Cali-O by 710 King Pen from 710 King Pen

5 – Romulan Grapefruit by The Wolfpack from The Wolfpack

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