$20K Hermès Handbags Reek of Marijuana And The Wealthy Are Outraged

It seems the latest batch of Hermès’ signature Birkin bags had a … [cough, cough] … problem during the tanning process and came out smelling like a burnt batch of something that could get you Stoned with a capital “S.” Unfortunately for Hermès — who took a “nobody will notice” stance and sent them to boutiques around the country — EVERYBODY NOTICED. A source told Page Six:

“Owners are returning the Hermès bags back to boutiques across the US, including the Madison Avenue store, saying they smell of skunk. The bags are being sent back to Paris as nobody knows quite how to deal with this embarrassing situation.”

The affected bags range in price anywhere from 5k-20k and in smell from “Dear lord is that a dead skunk?” to “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.” Hermès is reportedly having all bags sent back to Paris for a complete overhaul. Our guess? That Parisian tanner totally lit his joint where he shouldn’t have and now has to face a gaggle of angry Upper East siders.

For anyone dissatisfied with their bag, feel free to send them to the High Times offices — we’re happy to give them a home where they’d feel comfortable. In the words of Brian Fantana, “that’s the smell of desire” people. Stay classy Hermès.

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