5 Fresh Reasons to Sneer at Cannabis Critics

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Perhaps the single biggest argument against cannabis use, voiced by marijuana critics the world over, is that which suggests insufficient research has been carried out to reach any real conclusions about its ‘supposed’ benefits. Unfortunately, this is also an absolute crock…not to put too fine a point on it.

Back on planet earth, quite literally thousands of extensive studies, highly reputable papers and endless smaller projects have been regularly commissioned and published for decades. What’s more, there’s growing evidence each and every day to suggest that the overwhelming majority of concerns are completely and utterly ill-founded. Most of them seem to be quite conveniently ignored or overlooked by those on the more critical side of the fence but the simple fact of the matter is that intelligent interest in marijuana as a medicine and recreational substance is slowly but surely outweighing archaic presumptions.

We asked Seed Supreme Seedbank about reports that seed sales and inquiries in general have hit all-time highs as the world (finally) decides to read past the headlines and make up its own mind. They confirmed that the medical marijuana movement has greatly increased interest in the power of cannabis as a healing herb and led us to discussing a few of our favorite recent medical research stories. Just to illustrate the kinds of discoveries that are being made day in and day out, here’s a quick look at five from the past few months alone.

1 – Cannabis Does Not and Will Not Drive You Insane!

Take a look at the pages of the February issue of Current Psychiatry Reports journal and you’ll find the results of a study which appear to completely throw water in the face of the suggestion that medicinal marijuana has a negative effect on sanity. A perfect illustration of cause and effect being completely misread, the researchers from Columbia University and the University of Wyoming concluded that it is simply more likely that those with psychosis vulnerabilities are more likely to excessively use it.

2 – Cannabis Can Assist with Brain Injury Recovery

According to the results of a collective study carried out by researchers from the United States, the Netherlands, Italy and Argentina, patients suffering from bleeding on the brain – aka Intracerebral Hemorrhaging – could find their prognosis considerably improved with marijuana use. By taking into account hundreds of cases of ICH (caused by stroke for example), the team reached the conclusion that after being hospitalized and treated, patients with a history of using marijuana recovered faster and more comprehensively. This adds to previous findings from prior studies, which have suggested on numerous occasions that marijuana use can also help slow the progression of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

3 – Support for Cannabis Oil as an Epilepsy Treatment Is Growing

More and more studies are clearly showing the potential for cannabis oil extract as a supplement or even a replacement for conventional epilepsy treatment. In terms of reducing both the frequency and the severity of seizures, a new study carried out in Israel found that cannabis oil outperformed standard medication in 89% of children.

4 – A New Generation of Pot Smokers Is Emerging

Despite the fact that so many critics are constantly banging on about the dangers of younger generations turning to pot, it seems the trend is actually quite to the contrary. Not only is marijuana legalization in the US having little to no effect on young user numbers, but older Americans in enormous numbers are seeking and making use of medical marijuana. The fact that evidence proves the vast majority of medical marijuana users are over the age of 50 completely goes against the unfounded critical claim that it is mostly adults in their 20s and 30s that are using (and abusing) medical marijuana. Could marijuana's new label as a medicine for 'old' folk actually be turning the innocent youth off of it?

5 – THC & CBD are Helping the Fight Against Leukemia

Last but not least, the results of a recent study carried out in Germany and published in the online journal BMC Cancer have added further fuel to existing evidence that THC represents an extremely powerful and comparatively safe treatment for leukemia. There is also merging evidence that topical application of concentrated oils can kill melanoma cells outright! As far as the researchers are concerned, the question as to whether cannabinoids should and must be more widely utilized in the global medical industry really isn’t a question at all. 

So there you have it – just five examples of the kinds of discoveries and advances that are being made on a daily basis, in a world where an apparent ‘lack of research’ is what’s holding widespread legalization back. If you're fortunate enough to live in an enlightened area of the world then, as always, we strongly recommend you grab some seeds and start growing this greatest of medicines for yourself. Whatever the cannabis seed strain or combination of effects you think would help your condition, our friends at SeedSupreme have the seeds you need to get your natural pharmacopoeia off the ground.

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