5 Masterful Ways To Grip Your Lighter (Because Yeah, Someone Asked)

Alright, so we’ve gotten some questions over the years about the best way to hold a lighter (?) and while we assume most of you can figure it out your own damn selves, here we are addressing the question. It’s your blade, your lightsaber, and your fiyah, but how the hell do you hold it without burning off your pinky?

We’re starting you off with four classics and a one more just for fun today, but more importantly we hope you’ll help us out and hit us up with your best lighter pics by Tweeting/Instagramming us at #JediLighterPics. Without further ado:

1.) The Classic Inward Joystick [c/o imgkid.com]:

2.) The Two Points of Contact [c/o imgur.com]:

3.) The Three Points of Contact [c/o Imgur.com]:

4.) The Thump Tipper [c/o flikr.com]

5.) The Mustache [c/o @numbskullinc]


You get the point. The possibilities are endless! But most important of all, we want to see your best lighter pics. Whether you’ve got a mean design or your just hitting a massive bowl of sticky green goodness, tweet and/or Instagram us a photo with the hashtag #JediLighterPics for a chance to be featured online.

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