5 Strains to Go Green With on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is, depending on who you ask, a Christian feast day to honor the patron saint of Ireland, a worldwide campaign to showcase Ireland and its culture, or an excuse to get totally hammered in public with zero regrets. People take to the streets in cities around the world to proudly proclaim their Irish heritage. Rivers run green and Guinness flows as parades march past onlookers… Some of whom inevitably get very, very drunk.

A word of caution to drinkers, however: A recent study by the National Institute of Health concluded that researchers may be systematically underestimating risks associated with alcohol use. They also found that compared with other recreational drugs—including alcohol—marijuana may be even safer than previously thought. So this March 17, instead of reaching for the pint glass to celebrate St. Patrick, grab some real green. Try these alternatives to alcohol for a happy, safer, healthier buzz!

Lucky Charms

This bud’s tangy, fruity, marshmellowy delicousness is just like your favorite cereal from when you were a kid! That little scamp of a leprechaun promised that Lucky Charms were “magically delicious”—and this weed sure is, with its sugary, resiny goodness.

Pot of Gold

A flagship strain from heavy-hitting seed company the Flying Dutchmen, once you hit the Pot of Gold, you’ll be somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. The refined sweet hashish taste and extremely potent physical effect of this strain will leave you in a happy daze for hours.

Martian Mean Green

Sláinte! This sensi strain will have you feeling out of this world. DNA Genetics pollinated a Great White Shark female with a Jamaican Lambsbread male to create the Martian Mean Green, a 40/60% indica/sativa hybrid that has a strong, sweet, minty smell and a potency to match. It won Best Seed Company Sativa at the 2005 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. A classic!

Shamrock Pot-Leaf Sugar Cookies

Try HT’s edibles expert Elise Mcdonough’s recipe for perfectly decorated, cannabis-infused, leaf shaped cookies that are safer (and sweeter) than alcohol. Imagine if stoner leprechauns got baked with the Keebler elves!

Four-Leaf Clover-Marijuana Hybrid

scientific breakthrough just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, the world’s first Four-Leaf Clover-Marijuana hybrid has been approved for private consumption. The hybrid has been named The Four High-Ways Clover, but can be shortened to TfHC. Patty MacBrownie, the Irish chemist who created TfHC, has astonished the world by achieving his lifelong dream of proving beyond a scientific doubt that four-leaf clovers are indeed lucky. (Kidding, folks—this one’s a joke. Hey, it’s almost April Fool’s Day!)

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