6 Apps Weed Lovers Will Want

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Finally, with more than half the country legally smoking weed in one form or another, high tech apps are making it even easier to find dispensaries, popular strains and even local singles who might want to join you for a smoke.

Here are six weed apps created by innovative stoner minds.

The most popular one out there is Seattle-based Leafly, and for good reason. In addition to having some of the highest ratings in the App Store, it includes an enormous range of information also available on its namesake website. You can explore hundreds of weed strains, find out where they’re available near you, read user-submitted reviews of the different flavors and desired effects, which you can search by name, effect or flavor. There’s an integrated map to help users find a legal doctor, clinic or retail store (in addition to medical dispensaries), plus informational and entertaining videos, as well as a weed news and culture section.

Leafly even has a tab for finding happy hours and daily deals from participating Washington State dispensaries.

The free app Releaf, known as the medical cannabis app that’s out to change the world, deserves the countless positive reviews it gets from medical patients. But, it’s also an app that just about anyone can benefit from. Releaf helps track your own usage in terms of the ailments you’re treating with MMJ. It records the equipment you use and the dispensaries you buy from.

According to Seattle Weekly, Releaf is intended to be used in real time to track your moment-to-moment experience of being high; then it graphs and charts what seems to works for you. To that end, Releaf includes a profile page for sources, so you’ll always know where everything came from, how long you’ve had it, etc. This is especially useful for people who feel that weed affects them differently than most people and want to track which strain does what to them.

MassRoots is the Instagram of weed, and people love it because people love Instagram. On this app, you can create your own profile, then cruise through “thousands of photos and videos of beautiful nugs and glassware from all over the planet.” You can post your own feed by location or interest. You can also catch up on the latest news and views on MassRoots.

[Editor’s Note: You can follow High Times on MassRoots! Our user name is @HighTimesMag.]

MJ is a sleek app designed to bring you news and reviews in a streamlined package, kind of like Twitter for stoners, but without tiny Trump fingers interfering. Like Twitter, you’re always being updated on legal, cultural and political stories from national and international news sources, as well as reviews and stories from other users.

An app for growers and wannabe growers, GrowBuddy tracks methods, progress and any changes or experimentation you decide to try while cultivating your bud. It can help whether you’re growing two plants or 2,000 plants. For current and/or experienced growers, this app can help digitize the process. And, the great thing is that GrowBuddy is anonymous and encrypted.

Then, there is the inexperienced grower who just can’t seem to get it together. WeGrow tracks your metrics and gives you suggestions based on what you’re doing and what results you’re getting. WeGrow is sort of an online cultivation coach to help the intimidated grower blossom.

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