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7 Gifts for “Sto-Nerds”



I’ll admit it, I probably belong in this category of stoners. With a penchant for nature documentaries, old cartoons, and board games, I know I shouldn’t even try to defend myself from my own sto-nerdiness. As a self-proclaimed sto-nerd, there are plenty of gifts that I’d like my friends to hand over to me during this year’s holiday festivities.
If you have any sto-nerds in your life that will be pissed off if you don’t get them a gift this year, here’s a handy list of things that will definitely earn you a place in their dorky little hearts.

1. Simon Game – $32

This dweeby memorization game from the ’80s even comes with a nerdy name. Back and better than ever for a new generation, it’s perfect for any stoner who likes proving that weed doesn’t make you dumber — or for anyone who likes to zone out after bong hits.

2. Super-Charged: How Outlaws, Hippies, and Scientists Reinvented Marijuana by Jim Rendon – $25

Sto-nerds love to read, so what’s better than a book about how weed was reinvented by hippies, outlaws and scientists? Not much, actually. 

3. Video Game Bandages – 2 for $8

Sure, they love hitting the books and getting A’s on all their tests, but Sto-nerds always make time for video games. With all that finger-friction from wielding the controller for hours on end, these fun and colorful adhesive bandages will surely come in handy.


4. Mary Jane Mouse Pad – $11.99

Because all sto-nerds need a handy mouse pad advertising their love of weed. Especially one with a hot stoner chick on it.

5. Bong of the Dead Greeting Cards – $6

It may be weird to get someone greeting cards as a gift, so maybe this could just be a stocking stuffer? (Or buy the set yourself and write one out to each of your stoner friends.)


6. Tie-Dyed Lab Coat – $69 and up

It may be a tad pricey, but this lab coat is perfect for the stoner scientist in your circle.

7. Smart Weed T-Shirt – $35.99

OK, so it might not be smart to buy a $36 T-shirt, but this could be the first step to making your sto-nerd buddy more fashionable. After all, this shirt comes from a boutique, but it still adheres to nerdiness AND love for marijuana with the message it presents.