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7 Gifts for Stoner Bibliophiles



Who says stoners are stupid? Certainly not the writers at HIGH TIMES. We know there are just as many potheads out there who love flipping through books as much as they do flipping through channels with their cable remote, and we’re happy to be a part of your tribe.
If you know any other stoners in this category, we’ve compiled a list of heady hardcovers and paperbacks that are sure to make perfect presents for them for this holidays season. (You might also want to snag some of these for yourself.)
Take a peek, and hopefully this list will make finding gifts a little easier.
Perfect for resting your bong on top of so as not to get watermarks on the coffee table.
So you can finally delete your overpriced dealer’s digits.
For the pothead who can never know enough about weed.
More than 1,100 “zonked-out quotes” from or about stoners and weed. Perfect mindless reading material for any stoner’s bathroom.
From fruit to PVC pipes, this how-to guide will teach you how to construct marijuana-ingestion devices of all kinds. 
Keep the anniversary celebration going with this hardcover compilation of the the marijuana pioneer's legacy.
This collection of short stories about weed by a group of prolific authors is sure to stimulate the mind of any pothead bibliophile.