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7 Gifts for the Fashionista Stoner Chick



Some stoner chicks like to bring their fashion up a level by incorporating Mary Jane into their wardrobe. If any of your friends or fam fit this description, the following seven items might just make the perfect holiday gift. They’re also very affordable, so you’ll have plenty of bills in your wallet left to pick up a fat sack.

1. OG Skywalker Stud Earrings – $10

Macro shots of your favorite strains printed onto stud earrings. Nice. Available in rose gold, silver, or gunmetal black.

2. Tie Dye Marijuana Leaf Bronze Necklace – $15

These necklaces are made to order and are protected against scratching and fading with a high-quality (non-smokable) resin.

3. Rebecca Stoner Tote Bag – $22

Okay, so Stoner is just her last name, but this designer uses some funky prints in her artsy yet utilitarian products.

4. Weed Leaf Press-On Nails – $15

Available in three different size sets of 16 nails, these are also customizable by color, so you can made the leaves as red, gold, purple or green as you like.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Weed Leaf High-Wasted Shorts – $37.95

For the stoner chick who like to show off her assets, even in total darkness.

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Weed Leaf Leggings – $64.95

For a little extra protection from the environment without losing out on the booty showcasing, these tights are the perfect splurge for your favorite stoner chick.

7. 4:20 Roman Numeral Tank Top – $15.99

For the stoner chick who likes to advertise her love for ganja time in less-ostentatious fashion, this Roman numeral 4:20 tank is the perfect top.