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7 Gifts for Unabashed Potheads



Some potheads just. don’t. give. a fuck.

They wear loud clothing adorned with marijuana leaves and blunts, and try to advertise their adoration for the mean green in any way they can. Situations with these stoners can sometimes get a bit dicey in the wrong environments, but they’re usually lovable enough to forgive in time for the holidays.

Here are some cheap-o gifts that these types are bound to love!

1. Pothead Iron-On Name Badge – $3.99

The ideal way to let everyone know what club you belong to.

2. “You Know You’re a Stoner When…” Poster – $8.97

This will really tie the room together.

3. Adjustable Stoner Ring with Marijuana Leaf – $12.50

Let the world know what you represent with this fashionable accessory.

4. “Stoner Chicks Rule” Embroidered Iron-On Patch – $4.99

For the proud pothead ladies in your life.

5. Stoner Thing 1 (and Stoner Thing 2) T-Shirts – $21.97 each

Another way to show the world that you and your crew are proud potheads.

6. Stoner St. Bumper Sticker / Decal – $4.20

You gotta love the price on this. But you should warn anyone you gift it to not actually stick it on their bumper.

7. Eye Voltage: A Stoner’s Book of 50 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions – $10.88

The perfect coffee table book for the unabashed stoner, Eye Voltage combines the trippy art of “Magic Eye” pictures with an homage to our favorite plant. Your ganja-puffing guests will love to leaf through this when they’re glued to your couch.