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7 Pot-Tastic Halloween Costumes

Mary Jane Gibson



Halloween approaches! It’s our favorite holiday! What do you mean, it’s not a holiday? Halloween is the one night of the year where you can indulge your fantasies and let your freak flag FLY without anyone making fun of you. What are you going to be this year? More importantly, what is your DOG going to be? Here are some danktastic costumes to inspire you. Remember: Just like homegrown weed, homemade costumes are waaaaaaaay better than anything you can buy!
1. Bong
A major commitment, but your friends will think you are amaHAZEing.
2. Doritos
Whoever these people are, we want to get high with them. Please get in touch.
3. Towelie
South Park’s classic character makes a cozy costume! But how do you smoke in it?
4. A Pot Leaf

Iconic! And comfortable, which is key.
5. Skunk
Accessorizing with your dog as a skunk will cement your stoner cred.
6. Joint
If you can get friends to join you as Cheech and Chong, even better.
7. The Masked Dabber

There are so many possibilities when you have a mask and dabs to share!