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7 Stoner Essentials to Loving the Last Days of Summer

It’s August, y’all. Time to wring every last drop of bliss from the warm weather before crisp, cool fall arrives… Which we always look forward to, because, guys, harvest time! However, carpe diem, as they say. Do these 7 things to win summer.

1. Botanical Gardens

You’re a fan of flowers! Smoke a fatty and take a stroll through your local botanical gardens while they’re in peak bloom. Stop and smell the roses. Aaaaaaah.

2. Marijuana Lemonade

You know weed’s gone mainstream when GQ is publishing pot recipes. They’ve got a pretty decent one for marijuana lemonade. Refreshing!

3. Weed Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned ice cream cone. And if it gets you stoned, you’re having a perfect day! Try the “Nice Dream” Ice Cream recipe in the Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook.

4. Make Pot Leaf Prints

Commemorate your grow! Get crafty and make pot leaf prints before harvest time arrives and you have to cut your precious babies down. 

5. Weedicure

Declare your love for the leaf with a summery weedicure: Stylish, and sure to get you lots of attention.

6. Sleep Under the Stars

One of the best things in life. Pack up some edibles and go camping. Stargaze, and let your mind float across the universe as you drift off to sleep under the Milky Way.

7. Have a Yard Sale

Need to make room for your new bong/ dab rig/ vaporizer? Smoke some sativa and put your high to good use by reorganizing your closet for fall. Sell your clutter to your neighbors! You don’t need TWO lettuce spinners, do you?

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