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7 Truly Terrifying Moments For Potheads



Smoking a shit ton of weed is pretty much always amazing, but every once in a while being a stoner means facing a little bit of terror. Our friends at have brought us this list to to tell you that you are not alone.

1.Running out of weed

2. Home alone and hearing noises

So, maybe you really shouldn’t have smoked all that weed and ate that brownie before watching that new horror flick with all the lights off. You were sitting there all quiet minding your own business, and now you are pretty sure that something, or someone, just made a noise in your unlit house.

3. Waiting for the weed

So, you’ve gotten yourself over the terror of running out of weed, and bravely, you have even managed to find some more. Now, you just have to play the waiting game.

4. Unexpected work meetings

Let’s just hope the guy on the left is your boss.

5. Losing your weed

6. Breaking your favorite piece

7. Grocery shopping

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