8 Things To Do If You’re ‘Too Damn High’

If you unexpectedly need to do something important and need to play it cool, there are ways of combating an overpowering high if things just got too real. Being high is for enjoying yourself, but life’s curveballs can turn things around sometimes and it’s useful to have some remedies up your sleeve, for you or someone you know. Here are some tips for novice users who can’t handle the high, or seasoned stoners that need to reach sobriety, or at least make it look like they already have.

Eye drops

Confidence is everything. If you’re already skilled in the art of playing it cool, all you really need is to do throw in some eye drops and you can have the appearance of one of those boring sober people.


Exercise speeds up you metabolism and will lower the half-life of any substance. Regular exercise, cardio being a plus, is also an essential to cleaning your system for a drug test, especially for those lingering cannabinoids.

Drink coffee

A stimulant can really help turn your mood around, but be careful if you’re not already a coffee drinker. It’s like burning incense to hide the smell of weed: it just makes the room smell like weed, and incense. Coffee might just make you do your high antics faster, with more energy. There is something to say about caffeine being a diuretic, urinating more will help you eliminate those pesky metabolites.

Take ibuprofen

Recently it’s been shown that ibuprofen can block the short-term memory issues pot can give you. THC can have neuroprotective properties on the brain, and is being investigated for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The last thing an Alzheimer’s patient needs is something that affects short-term memory, but researchers stumbled on something that hinders this effect: ibuprofen. It’s tried and true; ibuprofen will take about 30 minutes to kick in but it will have you feeling noticeably less high. It appears to hit the same receptors in the brain, but acts as a sort of “anti-THC.” Don’t take too much of this stuff or too often, it can be bad for your stomach and liver.

Drink water

Drinking lots of water is the best remedy for making someone come off any drug. It works best for your typical water-soluble drugs: hallucinogens, MDMA, amphetamines, alcohol, etc. but it helps for cannabis as well.

Fresh-squeezed lemon aid

The terpenes in lemons modulate the effects of THC on brain, and are known to give mental clarity when under pot’s effects. North African culture, where both citrus and cannabis have been around for a long time, is source of this remedy. The lemon aid needs to be fresh squeezed and it helps a lot to throw in some of the peel, that’s where the active terpene limonene is. Keep in mind this is an ancient remedy, used on ancient strains of weed.

Black pepper

Black pepper contains lots of beta-caryophyllene, another terpene that is also found in weed. It can tame THC’s effect in the same way limonene does; it affects cannabinoid receptors as well. A peppery snack, preferably with freshly cracked pepper, whose rich flavor means lots of terpenes, can do good for someone looking clear their head a little.

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