8 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Glass

Anyone that loves their bong should be doing everything they can to keep it around. Although fresh glass is the best glass, keeping the insides clean isn’t enough to protect your daily driver from scratches, bumps and other avoidable tragedies.

Taking your collection out of the house can become dangerous and stressful, especially when there are other people around. Accidents happen, but there are ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

From things you should purchase to habits you should either form or ditch, here are 8 ways to keep your glass around for longer.

1. Invest In A Silicone Mat

Something as simple as putting your glass on the table can become its downfall—too much force or the littlest slip is all it takes. But one solution is a silicone mat to guard your bong’s base. Usually intended as a way to keep your concentrates on the table, the solid grip and soft support makes this a smart investment. .

2. Keep It Stationary

During a session with others, take the time to set up a designated space to use your piece. Passing glass around only adds to the chance of an accident, so prevent it from happening altogether by keeping it stationery.

3. Protect Your Joint From Titanium With Drop-Down/Converter

If titanium is your nail of choice, you should be cautious of sticking it directly into the joint. Titanium expands and contracts with the fluctuation of temperature, meaning that overtime your nail could weaken and ultimately shatter your favorite piece.

4. Dress Your Bong

If you’re looking for something else to stop scratches off the base of your tube, perhaps a bong cozy is more your speed. This crocheted cover for your glass’ bottom will prevent the clinking, denting and cracking that some of us know all too well.

5. Go to the Bong, Don’t Let it Come to You

When hitting your bong, it’s best to keep it flat instead of tipping it towards you. Many accidents happen by the base sliding out from underneath, and this is a way to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

6. Investigate Good Cases

Taking your glass on the road can be scary if you’re not properly prepared. High-end cases like The T Case will guarantee your prized possessions get from point A to point B in once piece with their hard shell and pluck-foam interior.

7. Buy A Bowl-Stand

Every bong needs a bowl. Whether it’s a high end contraption or just your average push bowl, no one wants an essential part to break. For anyone that has a problem keeping their slides all in one place, bowl-stands give you the luxury of sturdy storage for your glass accessories.

8. Place Your E-Nail In The Right Place

If you happen to be smart enough to own an electric nail, there’s some required planning before you can go torchless everyday. Coil wires are the leading cause of death for dab rigs because of inattentive users and bystanders. Putting the unit away from anything else on the table aside from your glass will save you the agony of a broken piece.

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