88 Things That Are Much Better When You’re High

Our friends over at Buzzfeed came up with a pretty comprehensive list of things that are better baked. Something missing? Leave it in our comments section!

1. Sex.
2. Sandwiches.
3. Wraps.
4. Blankets.
5. Pillows.
6. Lying on the floor.
7. Naps.
8. Sour patch kids.
9. Water.
10. Gatorade.
11. Sitting on an exercise ball.
12. The Chapelle Show.
13. Adventure Time.
14. Every single Beatles album.
15. Tossing a frisbee around with friends.
16. Beating your friends in Madden.
17. Skipping school with friends.
18. Chilling in a car with friends.
19. Circling around the same neighborhoods with friends.
20. Listening to bass lines through loud stereo speakers.
21. When Clams Casino collaborates with A$AP Mob.
22. Thai food.
23. Archer.
24. Rope swings.
25. Sitting under trees.
26. Lying in a field not caring about the exact number of bugs crawling on you.
27. Staring at the stars.
28. Road trips.
29. Snacks.
30. Camping.
31. Stretching.
32. Jogging.
33. Cooking.
34. Marshmallows.
35. Trampolines.
36. Disney movies.
37. Every song ever performed by Led Zeppelin.
38. Most indie folk music.
39. Hearing every different layer hidden in a song.
40. Reading Walt Whitman.
41. Every time Rob Delaney tweets.
42. Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts.
43. Wearing extremely comfortable shorts as the breeze softly billows in and out of your crotchular area.
44. The liberating feeling of wearing dirty but comfortable sweatpants.
45. 100% cotton hoodies.
46. All the minuscule sensations in life you would otherwise ignore.
47. Live music.
48. Alan Watts audiobooks.
49. Editing words.
50. Dealing with bullshit.
51. Intellectual conversations.
52. Crafting the perfect high-five.
53. Communicating with emojis.
54. Endlessly scrolling through Tumblr without retaining anything.
55. Photoshopping faces of celebrities onto other celebrity bodies.
56. Doodling just about anything.
57. Painting.
58. Writing essays.
59. Researching facts.
60. Researching snacks.
61. Stealing your friends’ lighter then watching them search for it.
62. When Juicy J says “trippy mane.”
63. Watching Vines.
64. Pulling off a fatality in Mortal Kombat.
65. Watching anti-weed commercials.
66. Detecting bullshit.
67. Spiritually relating to the scenes in Pineapple Express.
68. Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids.”
69. Walking around your neighborhood.
70. Intentionally getting lost in the woods and playing “choose your own adventure.”
71. Cruising around on a bicycle.
72. Taking a 45-minute shower.
73. Drinking white Russians.
74. Entering voids.
75. Dealing with Mondays.
76. Listening to Bob Saget.
77. Making your own soap.
78. Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.
79. Dogs.
80. Cats. And making fun of cats.
81. Beaches.
82. Sitting in the chair of the lifeguard post.
83. James Blake.
84. Kush & OJ.
85. Radiohead.
86. Sketch comedy.
87. Getting Doug With High.
88. Puns.

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