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9 Amazon High Buys For the Average Stoner

Sirius J



More and more often, marijuana is becoming mainstream. Proof? Just head to the world's leading E-commerce site and find everything you need to make, use, and even lab-test hash oil and flower on Amazon. Here's what we discovered while searching around.

Item: A grinder

What Amazon Says: Large Spice & Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Pollen Catcher –

 “Whether you are grinding fine herbs, spices, tobacco, or medical herbs, you can now get the best grind possible… Grind up and store more herbs at once than ever before!”

Actual Use: grinds weed and catches keif

Frequently Bought With: A milligram scale (it’s very easy to use too much cumin) and vacuum sealed dry goods container.


Item: Advanced Nutrients flower drying rack

What Amazon Says: Not much product description, but "herbs" are definitely mentioned in the comments.

Actual Use: Drying and curing cannabis after harvest.

Frequently Bought With: "Pruning snips" for trimming and a humidity monitor


Item: A T-shirt press for making rosin dabs

What Amazon Says: “The GK-600 is perfect for small format transfers; labels, tags, logos, etc.”

Actual Use: I’m sure people have used this item plenty for transferring logos, but it also safely makes some really good dabs without the use of explosive solvents.

Frequently Bought With: Stainless steel “wax carvers” and Oil Slick medical grade silicone pads.


Item: A glass bowl

What Amazon Says: Peanut Incense Burner 3", Colors May Vary

Actual Use: People smoke weed out of it; real incense burners don’t have mouthpieces.

Frequently Bought With: Herb grinders


Item: A titanium nail

What Amazon Says: “Use this heat-resistant titanium nail to smoke BHO (butane honey oil), wax or other concentrates with a vapor dome and adapter set-up!” Other nails from happen to fall under the “Tea Accessories” category.

Actual Use: They pretty much hit the Ti nail on the head with the actual description, no beating around the bush at all.

Frequently Bought With: Carb caps and wax carvers.


Item: Raw rolling papers

What Amazon Says: Rolling papers for cigarettes

Actual Use: Smoking joints exclusively made of cannabis. Put your cannabis flowers in hemp papers with hemp cardboard tips.

Frequently Bought With: A Raw-branded rolling machine and Raw tips.


Item: Bubble bags

What Amazon Says: “This 5 gallon 8 bags kit enables you to extract valuable plant resins and separate herbal extract into different grades”

Actual Use: This makes bubble hash. Making this kind of hash won’t put your life in danger, and if perfected, highly refined bubble hash dabs just as smoothly as BHO.

Frequently Bought With: A “pressing screen” used for processing and pollen press


Item: Heavy hitter stainless steel metal extraction tube

What Amazon Says: They call it an “essential oil plant extractor.”

Actual Use: This item is for making butane hash oil. We do not recommend using this at home. Butane extractions are dangerous and should only be done by trained experts in a controlled and safe environment.

Frequently Bought With: refined butane and oil containers


Item: Gas chromatograph tandem mass spectrometer. $44,850.00

What Amazon Says: Agilent 5973N MSD 6890 GC Differential Pump Mass Spectrometer.

Actual Use: While HPLC is great for lab testing because you can use it for edibles, lab-testing smokables and dabbables using gas chromatography (GC) tandem mass spectrometry works just fine, and at a relatively affordable price.

Frequently Bought With: Not many people buy this item on Amazon, but if you’re going to test your cannabis concentrates with it you’ll need a lot more equipment than just this machine.

Photo credit: King Kong harvest by Dank Naturally