9 Stoner Rites Of Passage

There are certain rites of passage that everyone goes through when they start to smoke. Here’s some of our fond memories.

1. Burning your finger trying to light up for the first time.

Hot, hot, hot!

2. That first accidental taste of bong water.

Let’s not so that ever again.

3. Picking up from that sketchy dealer alone for the first time. (Bonus points if it’s more than an eighth).

It’s gonna be fine, I’m cool.

4. Going through a forest of paper until you finally master your own technique on how to roll the perfect joint.

Look, Yoda wasted a lot of stuff too.

5. Coughing up your lungs until finally being able to take a long, milky bong rip without interruption.

Water is key.

6. Creating the perfect playlist for all toking occasions.

That’s my Snuggie jam!

7. Investing in your first quality piece and letting it become one of your most prized possessions.

It’s just so beautiful…

8. Getting super baked from edibles by accident (especially if you made them yourself).

I can’t feel my legs.

9. Realizing that smoking weed is more than just a fad.

It’s a forever thing.

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