9 Stoner Stocking Stuffers

There’s a few days left till Christmas, and while the big gifts may be purchased, it’s generally the smaller ones—like those to fill out the stocking over your fireplace—that you forgot about until Christmas Eve and then struggle to find for friends or loved ones.

Here’s a list of cheap ganja gifts to fill a stocking and/or save the day as a last-minute gift!

1. Stinky Steve Explains Daddy’s Dabs – $9.99


If there was ever an alternative to McGruff the Crime Dog, it would be Stinky Steve. He can helpfully explain different marijuana concepts in a way even kids can understand—or, you know, your friend after he’s hit the bong a few too many times.

2. Jane West’s The Weekender – $25


The Weekender is a carry-all kit for the adventurous stoner, featuring space for your weed, lighter and any other necessities. With this in hand, your new smoke spot can be at the top of a mountain or in a kayak on the river—or, still, on your couch.

3. Water Pipe Kit – $12.99


Sometimes you need to be a bit more discrete than carrying a pipe or even a one-hitter around. With this water pipe kit, any plastic bottle can easily be converted into a makeshift bong and then disposed of.

4. Marijuana Leaf Christmas Stocking – $14.99


You can’t have stocking stuffers without a stocking! These green and red stockings are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit — particularly when filled with ganja-based goodies.

5. Joint Candles – $7.40


A cheap gag gift for Secret Santa or someone’s stocking, get a jumpstart on the birthday season with these joint candles. Warning: Attempting to smoke these will provide mixed results.

6. Pot Leaf Christmas Ornament – $8.95


Spice up the leafs on the Christmas tree with this pot leaf ornament.

7. Cannabis Leaf Barrette – $10


For the special lady in your life, these barrettes are the perfect fashion statement to top a stocking off with.

8. Pokemon Glass Stash Jar – $8.99


Storing your weed in a glass jar is important for keeping it as fresh and potent as the day it was picked off the plant. For the Pokemon-lover in your life, this themed stash jar is a great stocking stuff for them to add to their collection.

9. Lighter Leash – $9.99

ll-prem-web-pot-3pk (1)

It’s a common joke among stoners about how hard it is to keep a lighter, particularly when smoking with a lot of people. These lighter leashes will help ensure your lighter always stays close at hand and ready when needed.

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