A Stoner Classic Double Feature: The Dudes

Jeff Bridges as The Dude in The Big Lebowski

Cinephiles wanting to make definitive connections between two essential stoner comedies—The Big Lebowski and Dude, Where’s My Car – can still snag tickets to tonight’s Dude Double Feature. Playing at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s quintessential hipster movie house Nitehawk Cinema, the two films will play back-to-back, starting at 9:30p. A few lucky dudes will receive vintage copies of High Times—worth the price of admission alone!

Dude, Where’s My Car is billed by Nitehawk as “a severely underrated film.” After two potheads, Jesse and Chester, wake up to find their car missing, they enter into one bizarro world in the land of Los Angeles that includes tracksuits, hot chicks, video games, Zoltan, and, yes, an ostrich. Dude. Sweet.

Next up, the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski features cinema’s most loveable loser, Jeffrey Lebowski. His rug gets peed on, and in a serious case of mistaken identity an adventurous chain of events unfolds, with nihilists, porn producers, writers in iron lungs, and performance artists throughout Los Angeles. But really, man, The Dude and his Vietnam-reminiscing partner Walter would much rather be bowling. It’s hard not to just quote the whole movie right here because, let’s face it, we’ve all watched it a dozen times and its brilliance only gets better with age.

If you’re in Brooklyn this weekend, pack a bowl and grab a ticket to the Dude Double Feature. Dude! Sweet.

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