Afends Start a Hemp Revolution Down Under

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Over the last year, we here at Afends​ explored the conspiracies surrounding hemp, the relationship between the plant and the early surf industry, and offered an argument that hemp is one of the most sustainable solutions to the current turmoil in the clothing industry.

Our film raised awareness and reached places it may not necessarily reach, with a lot of views coming from our younger generations. With involvement from recognized and respected surf figures such as Dave Rastovich and Wayne Lynch, we were able to get our message across to a wide range of audiences including the surf, skate and fashion industries.

This film was a great success for the cause and we want to take to the next level. Using the momentum from our premiere film, we have conceptualized a new series, ‘The Green Path’ which will explore the link between hemp and global warming and the direct impact of human actions and irresponsibilities, while investigating how hemp can save humanity and the ecosystem from the imminent heat rise that our planet Earth is suffering from.

To this day, this incredible plant is still vastly misunderstood, and is surrounded by many conspiracies and negative views, it’s benefits largely unknown to the greater populations. We intend to explore its numerous applications and demonstrate ways in which society – from civilians to government – can embrace these methods for the wellbeing of the environment.

We intent to take our investigation all over the world to offer a true perspective of the matter from the people and organizations actively involved in the sustainable hemp movement.

Our documentary will cover a wide range of issues and their solutions; hemp as an alternative for fossil fuels, deforestation and manufacturing, as well as investigating its use in everyday life; hemp as a food source, building materials and of course, medicine. We will explore the relationship between hemp and marijuana and how the misconceptions between the two are damaging the impact hemp could be having on the pharmaceutical industry.

We intend to spread awareness to as many people as we can reach and demonstrate that with hemp, the human race can drastically minimize the toxic footprint we are leaving behind, so we can set the path for a brighter, healthier and more sustainable planet. Come with us, on The Green Path!

We are offering our Hemp clothing products in exchange for your support!

​Head over to for more info on our Hemp Revolution. ​

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