Almost Infamous Anthology

For nearly a decade now, senior editor Bobby Black has brought the readers of High Times titillating tales of marijuana, music, and mischief in his column of cool, Almost Infamous.

Our April 2013 issue marks the 100th edition of Bobby’s brainchild, and to celebrate this stony milestone, we’ve collected his entire back catalog into one special digital edition.

That’s right – all 100 columns in their original formats, conveniently assembled into one neat file for download to your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Now you can go back and relive your favorite moments or check out stories you may have missed.

Subscribe to High Times Digital Edition and it’s yours at no charge – our gift to you for reading the magazine. Already a subscriber? Renew now and it’s free for you too. Or you can just buy it on its own for the low price of $1.99.

Click here to order this special collector’s issue now!

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