Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Coffeeshop Entries

One of the most fun aspects of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is the coffee shop crawl. Coffeeshops from all across the city enter their best strains and invite Cup attendees to vote on which ones they like best. It’s a great way to see the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

Who’s in this year? behold:

Coffeeshop | Strain


The Old Church | Somari
Resin | S-5
Prix’d’Ami | AMG
ketelje | AMG
The Green Place | OG Reek’n
The Noon | Blueberry Haze
El Guapo | Big Buddha Bubblegum
New Times Coffeeshop | Strawberry Haze
Bluebird | Caramel Kush
Boerejongens Baarsjesweg (West) | Girl Scout Choco
Boerejongens Utrechtstraat 21 | AK-OG Kush
Betty Boop | Chocolate Rain
Grey Area | Greybone
Barney’s Coffeeshop | Cookies Kush
Coffeeshop Easy Times | Super OG King Kush
Green House | Pure Kush
Voyagers | Tangie
420 Cafe | Neville’s Haze
Dutch Flowers | 420 Haze
Tweede Kamer | C6-Pioneer
Bushdoctor | 24-Karat Gold
Original Dampkring | PG-5
The Dolphins | Tesla

Neder Hash:

The Green Place | Reek’n Ice
Grey Area | Grey Crystal
Barney’s Coffeeshop | Cookies Ice-Cream
Green House | Green House Ice
Bushdoctor | Bushdoctor Dream
Original Dampkring | Dabbie Harry


Import Hash:

The Old Church | Diamond Moroc
Happy Feelings | Happy Special
Prix d’Ami | Champagne
ketelje | Champagne
The Green Place | Twisla
Mellow Yellow | Riffia Special
New Times Coffeeshop | Moroccan Dreams
Bij | Tangie Block
Barney’s Coffeeshop | Caramella Cream
Green House | Super Lemon Haze Cream
Betty Boop AMS | Jbel Tidghine
Voyagers | Tingi
Bushdoctor | Moroc Lemon Haze
Original Dampkring | Sensabille Moroccan
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