An Open Letter From High Times Magazine

Two days ago, a story that was published on social media that was wholly inaccurate. The basic thrust of this posting was “High Times organizers failed to get a license to have the Cannabis Cup Expo.”
From the beginning of our preparations for the 27th Cannabis Cup, we worked with the Amsterdam Mayor’s office in order to secure the proper authorization to hold the event. The lawyers working on High Times’ behalf, were provided with assurances that, if we met all of the demands and criteria set forth by the Mayor’s office, we would be granted a special license to proceed with our event.
Instead, on Sunday morning, Amsterdam’s Chief of Police informed us that if we proceeded — even in compliance with Mayor’s conditions — a tactical police unit would shut the Cup down and arrest all participants.
Frankly, this was an appallingly cynical political move on the part of Mayor: Invite the Cannabis Cup attendees to Amsterdam and have them spend their money, then shut down the Cannabis Cup at the last possible moment.
However, we are equally frustrated and disappointed that prominent individuals in our community are publishing false news about the Cannabis Cup without even approaching High Times with their questions.
Regardless, High Times will award the Cannabis Cups to those companies that have entered the competition. We have strived to make the Cup as enjoyable as possible for all, in spite of the hardship imposed by the local government.
Once again, we are disappointed and outraged at the treatment we have received after a quarter-century of responsible cannabis celebration.
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