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Five Artists Who Smoke Weed

You might have a list of favorite artists. But how many of those are artists who smoke weed?

Five Artists Who Smoke Weed

5. Fernando de la Rocque

Five Artists Who Smoke Weed

Fernando de la Rocque

Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque not only uses cannabis as an inspiration for his art but actually creates pieces using marijuana smoke.

One of his most famous series is titled “Blow Job”. In the series, he presents images of religious and political icons using pot smoke as his main artistic tool.

Rocque created these pieces by exhaling marijuana smoke onto his pre-cut stencils.

“More important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it,” Rocque said in a media release regarding his project.

Final Hit: Five Artists Who Smoke Weed

We’ve only listed five artists who smoke weed. But in reality, there are dozens more, if not hundreds or even thousands.

With cannabis legalization spreading, it wouldn’t surprise us if more creatively-inclined people picked up a pipe before pushing the paint around.

And even if you’re not particularly artistic, just remember: knowing how to roll a joint is an art too.

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Samantha Cashin is a Canadian writer for High Times. Growing up in Victoria, B.C., Samantha credits her knowledge and passion for cannabis from the hippies she grew up surrounded by.

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