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Awesome Gifts for Music-Loving Stoners



If you poll the world’s stoners, you’ll likely discover that they’re often endowed with an adept natural sense of rhythm. Toking helps hone it even more, which is why many musicians are fans of hitting the bong before hitting the bongos. If you’re close to any marijuana-loving musicians, the following list of gift ideas is the perfect place to start your holiday shopping.

Guitar String Lights $24

This 12-foot string of guitar-shaped lights would be perfect for any stoner musician’s jam space.

Weed Leaf Guitar Truss Rod Cover $9.99

This bright green truss rod cover is bestowed with a perfect white weed leaf and fits on Jackson guitars, so if you know a pothead who plays one of those bad boys, this is a great cheap gift.

Marijuana Leaf Guitar Strap $21.95 and up

If you don’t mind shelling out more than double the dough as you would for the truss rod cover, this strap is arguably an even cooler present for a pothead guitarist. It also fits any brand of geet, not just Jackson.

Weed Leaf Guitar Pick Necklace Charm $4.99

This striking guitar pick can’t really be used to strum a geet, but it makes a beautiful charm for the necklace of any rock-n-roll-loving pothead.

Pink Floyd—The Endless River (Deluxe Edition) $23.66 + shipping (or just go to the store)

There are plenty of Pink Floyd-loving potheads, so this new album from the legendary group is a no-brainer, especially the deluxe edition.

Pot Leaf Guitar Picks $4.99

These guitar picks are actually functional, and they’re adorned with a beautiful, green ganja leaf. Any strumming stoner will love these.

Weed Leaf Bongo Drum $43 and up

Hook up your favorite doob-tokin’ drummer with this fatty, bespoke bongo.