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Baker Vaporizer by VaporBLUNT

We had a chance last week to test the Baker vaporizer from VaporBLUNT, and we’re impressed.

Baker is the first tabletop unit from VaporBLUNT, and while it certainly not pocket sized, it’s pretty compact, measuring three-and-a-half inches tall and a little less than five inches wide.

The ceramic heating element, which lives inside of a stainless steel chamber, sits at the top of the unit, and on the front is a small digital display that shows temperature. To adjust, the user hits the power button and dials in the needed heat.

The unit heats to the top temp of 750 in just under a minute, and unlike many tabletop vaporizers, set up is a breeze. Included in the box are two bullets, one for flowers and one for concentrates.

Coming in at $250, the VaporBLUNT is pricey, but worth the cash. Want to order? Check them out here.

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