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The Best Duds To Hide Your Buds

Going to an event or venue that’s less than 420-friendly? Don’t sweat it. Here are eleven garments and accessories you can use to hide your goods.



Hopefully, you’re relishing unprecedented new freedoms when it comes to smoking, vaping, and eating herb in 2018. But all it takes is one fascist bouncer or dedicated narc standing sentry at the door to a show to arbitrarily detach you from your stash.

To ensure this calamitous scenario never happens to you, good reader, we’ve gone and sussed out the best clothes for concealing your shit. We’re talking about covert compartments, secret pockets, and underwear you’ve simply got to see. Real cloak-and-dagger material to ensure you complete your mission of getting thoroughly baked. Wherever life should take you.

The Best Duds To Hide Your Buds

Courtesy of Rolla Wear

Rolla Wear’s “Dopest Hoodie Ever Made” has a hidden stash pocket built into its hood, along with roach clips for drawstring tips and a suru board for rolling doobs in its front pocket. Perhaps most conveniently, it’s also a hoodie.

$59.95, Rolla Wear

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