Bill Maher Celebrates Show #420

Photo Courtesy of HBO

Comedian Bill Maher celebrated the 420th episode of his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday with a cake he said was “completely baked with pot. It’s a total edible.” The white cake was decorated with green icing in the shape of a large marijuana leaf and the number 420.

The cake was brought onstage during the live taping by Roger Stone, a libertarian commentator and confidante of President Donald Trump, after Maher proclaimed, “I need to get high!”

In a one-on-one conversation earlier on the show, Maher and Stone spent more than 10 minutes disagreeing on issues such as the Trump administration and Russian influence on the 2016 U.S. elections.

One issue on which they could find common ground, however, was marijuana.

When asked by Maher if he was a “Roger Stoner,” the former senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents replied, “Only when I’m in the states where it’s legal.”

Stone went on to say Attorney General Jeff Sessions was “completely wrong” about cannabis policy, which he argued was a decision that should be left to the states.

Maher then announced that they were recording the 420th episode of the show and invited Stone to return after the panel discussion to bring out the cake. Since it wasn’t consumed on-camera, it seems the cake may not have been the only opportunity available to partake. In the “Overtime” Q&A segment recorded after Real Time, Stone apparently had an acute case of cotton mouth.

The same day as the Real Time taping, Stone published on his website STONECOLDTRUTH an opinion piece titled “Mr. President: Marijuana is a States Rights Issue.”

In the op-ed, Stone first reminds the president of his campaign pledge that legalization of medicinal marijuana was “fine” and “should be a state issue, state by state.” He then turned his attention to the attorney general, appealing to the Christian and the statesman in Sessions by invoking the words of the Bible and Andrew Jackson in his defense of legal pot.

Time will tell how many more voices from the Right will join Stone in his support for marijuana legalization.

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