Bill Nye Buys Weed For Science

He might not be a smoker himself, but Bill Nye definitely supports the green.
Bill Nye Buys Weed For Science

If you had a short list of famous people you’d want to smoke weed with, there’s little doubt Bill Nye wouldn’t at least make the alternate team. And while it doesn’t look like we’ll be catching Bill toking anytime soon, we will, at the very minimum, get to see him up close and personal with some bud during the second season of his new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World, set to be released December 29.

More specifically, we’ll get to watch as Bill Nye walks into a dispensary and buys some weed in the name of science. It’s going to be glorious.

Experimental Reefer: Bill Nye Buys Weed For Science In An Episode Of His Show

Much like the first season of Nye’s Netflix revival, the mainstream scientist will delve into a series of scientific issues that could affect our day to day lives, including overpopulation, gender, climate change, time travel and of course, some good ol’ fashioned reefer.

The first episode of the new season involved Bill researching the pros and cons of medical marijuana, something that is becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream society, with 29 U.S. states currently authorizing the use of the plant for medicinal purposes.

“Cannabis, as a whole, appears to alleviate pain,” Nye proclaims in the season two trailer.

The quirky scientist is then depicted in a Hollywood dispensary, where he awkwardly purchases some cannabis from a budtender.

“I would like to buy some marijuana,” he tells the budtender. “This is for science.”

In an interview with CNET, Nye explained he did not smoke any of the weed during the episode and that his purchase was merely for an experiment in which he plays ultimate frisbee with a bunch of teammates who are actually stoned.

The ‘Science Guy’ admitted he is “not crazy about the smell.”

In the interview, Nye also acknowledged that the process of buying medical marijuana was much easier than he had thought. However, he said doing the experiment only strengthened his current stance on medical marijuana, or more so, cannabis as a whole.

“There is a very strong argument that keeping it as a Schedule I drug, is not based on any science,” Nye explained. “Schedule I means that it’s presumed to be addicting and it’s presumed to have no medical value. But people use marijuana and marijuana extracts for all sorts of medical applications. So you got to think there’s something to it.”

Final Hit: Bill Nye Buys Weed For Science

While Nye’s involvement with cannabis may come as somewhat as a shock to some casual fans, for those following Nye’s career closely, it should come as no surprise.

Nye has been a proponent of medical marijuana for years now and has appeared on various platforms to express his sentiment.

Just this past November, Nye appeared in a “NowThis” video, expressing his belief that cannabis should be legalized, despite his own personal indifference towards the plant.

And back in 2013, Nye infamously mocked fellow scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, after his colleague gave a long-winded response to Richard Dawkins regarding the concept of consciousness. Nye pretended to take a huge bong hit before mocking Tyson’s trippy response.

As for his newest cannabis endeavor, you can take a look at Nye’s season two trailer below.

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