Bill Nye Won’t Play Ultimate Frisbee With You If You’re High

Bow-tie bedecked Bill Nye offers his thoughts on medical cannabis research and serious ultimate Frisbee.
Bill Nye Won't Play Ultimate Frisbee With You If You're High

No, Bill Nye (The Science Guy) would prefer his ultimate Frisbee teammates didn’t smoke weed before the game. It’s not that he has anything against getting stoned. It’s just that “those guys, they sucked when they were high,” Nye explained.

Bill Nye On Getting High: “Knock Yourselves Out.”

In what has to be one of the more adorable cannabis-focused interviews in recent memory, Bill Nye, bedecked in a spotted bow-tie and blue blazer, offered some of his thoughts and analysis on blazing up.

In the brief two minute video, The Science Guy offered knowledgeable and thoughtful opinions on a range of topics, ranging from federal law to the medical and economic benefits of legal weed.

After all, Nye lived in Washington state for several years. Washington’s legal weed law is almost five years old, and as Nye puts it, “the world is still spinning.”

As a scientist, however, Nye remains skeptical of the demagoguery regarding cannabis and many of the claims being made about the drug’s effects.

“Anyone who tells you they know what it does, they don’t,” Nye said. Thanks to the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance, “marijuana’s effects have not been fully studied.”

“But you guys, knock yourselves out,” Nye ultimately concedes. “Carry on.”

Bill Nye Doesn’t Mind If You Get High, He Just Won’t Play Frisbee With You.

Bill Nye isn’t about to tell anyone not to smoke. But if you’re about to play ultimate Frisbee, Nye thinks weed will make you pretty bad at it.

In the interview, Bill Nye says that he played ultimate “very seriously.” With that competitive of a mindset, it’s understandable Nye might have some doubts about his high teammates’ capabilities on the field.

But weed doesn’t seem to be Nye’s cup of tea, anyway. He admits that he simply doesn’t like the smell. And his own experiments with cannabis didn’t sit well with him.

Nye blames his untrained smoking skills for his disinterest in marijuana.

He said he just “didn’t put the time in” to get good at inhaling properly. And for sure, plenty of first-time smokers are slow to pick up the proper technique.

Still, for a man of science with a professed interest in the further study of marijuana’s myriad effects, it’s never too late to learn something new.

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