Well, the time has finally come—Election Day. Since declaring my candidacy back in March, I have made every effort to inspire and motivate you stoners out there to get involved—to write to your representatives, to join and donate to NORML, and to register and get out and vote.

From Las Vegas to New York City, my Future First Lady and I have traveled across this great nation of ours spreading a message of personal freedom and responsibility on behalf of Smoke The Vote. In Denver, we held a rally at Marijuana Radio, inspiring one attendee to go out and run for state assembly. In Chicago, we were inspired by the courage and conviction of Unkle Mike—the head of the stoner community service group called Lokal 420, who days after we left was unjustly sentenced to 3 years in prison for growing his medicine. In Seattle, I met with the top names of the marijuana legalization movement about the state of the drug war at Hempfest. At the Freedom Rally in Boston, I addressed a crowd of nearly 10,000 fellow freedom fighters, who for the first time are on the brink of decriminalization in the state of Massachusetts. And finally, here in New York City last week, I hosted a Smoke the Vote benefit concert featuring Warrior Soul, Black Water Rising, The Stoned, Killcode and comedian Rob Cantrell, all who graciously donated their time and talents in the name of the cause.

You saw my “4:20 AM” campaign ad, you saw me debate Kottonmouth Kings’ Pakelika on the issues, and you saw his attack ad against me. You’ve seen me represent the stoners of America with passion, humor and dignity, and speak out for the rights of the socially persecuted, and it has been my great honor to do so. However, after much consideration, and due to the intense scrutiny and negative attacks my Future First Lady and I have faced, I have decided to withdraw from the presidential race, and officially endorse Barack Obama.

I know many of my fans may be disappointed with this decision, but it is for the best. In truth, this campaign was never about me—it was about all of you. It was about getting young people and cannabis users to stop sitting on the sidelines and start becoming part of the solution. To some extent, I think it was a success. But in all seriousness, if you care about your civil liberties at all, if you ever want to see the persecution of pot smokers ended, I implore you to get out there today and vote for Obama.

This campaign has been a blast, and I want to thank each and every one of you who joined or donated to NORML, who supported me, came out to meet me, left me comments and helped spread the word. Special thanks to High Times, Allen St Pierre and National NORML, Front Range NORML, Marijuana Radio, Illinois NORML, Lokal 420, The Individuals, Vivian McPeak and Seattle Hempfest, MassCann and Boston Freedom Rally, Warrior Soul, Black Water Rising, The Stoned, Killcode, Rob Cantrell, my chief of staff Paul Del Duca, and last but certainly not least, my Future First Lady Vegas Price, who has supported me, assisted me, and put up with all my insanity. She is my rock, my best friend and the love of my life.

Tonight, we begin a new era in America, but we still have a lot of work to do. Please… go to my profile, click on the NORML app and donate whatever you can afford, and add them to your profile. And get out there and vote!!!

For those about to Barack—we salute you!





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