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It started off as a nice, normal morning: I’d shown up for work at the Cannabis Cup registration office at the Sugar Factory club around 10, had a cup of coffee and a smoke. The line of judges waiting to get their passes for the week’s events extended halfway down the block. I began my duties of regulating the flow of judges into to be registered, and the flow of weed out to keep the people waiting outside high and happy. At one point, while I was handing out a bit of weed, a woman screamed upon seeing me. “Oh my god! It’s Bobby Black!” she said shaking and hyperventilating like I was all four Beatles rolled into one. I was humbled and overwhelmed, as I’m unaccustomed to such adoration.
Everything seemed to be going smooth, but then around 12:30 this afternoon, two plainclothes policeman (politie) approached me, placed me under arrest and and brought in on suspicion of foul play in regard to last night’s kidnapping of the Greenhouse Arjan Bobble-head figure. Apparently, the singed and numbered collector’s item given as gift to HT editor in chief Steve Hager had gone missing the day before, and a ransom note, along with pictures of the statue, were received. The contents of the note and ransom demands have not been released to the public.
I was interrogated for approximately an hour, but refused to answer any questions without my lawyer present. He later arrived, and I was released on my own recognizance, but authorities have cautioned me not to leave the city.
– BB

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