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California City Provides Gas Money For Residents To Buy Weed

The city of Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs) in southern California is offering residents a deal that would be difficult to pass up for anyone — a $25 monthly travel subsidy in order to pick up your pot from the dispensary. Now, before you all start lining up to move into town, there are a few things to note — namely that it is reportedly a community primarily for entitled, old rich people who will terrorize you and vandalize your car just to show who rules the community. Or in visual terms, this:

Well, probably a lot less fun considering they have been motions passed to ban all outdoor music, but I digress. The old folks want their weed and they got their city to pay for it — that’s civic engagement at its finest, folks.

“It really was intended to provide access, to make medical marijuana accessible to people,” City Manager Randy Bynder explained.

Though marijuana dispensaries are not permitted within the city limits, delivery services are in fact allowed. But hell, who needs delivery when THEY’LL pay YOU to go get your own pot. Rock on Rancho Mirage.

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