Canadian Special: McChronald’s Marijuana, McChronald’s is Canada’s leading online distributor of high grade marijuana, hash, and THC extracts. All Canadians who go through a simple two-minute consultation will get access to the best marijuana in the country without needing a medical card. You must be at least 21 years of age regardless of Canada’s age 19 drinking laws. specializes in Kush for is medicinal benefits for sleep, appetite, nerve and muscle pain, stress, and so much more. But since most of the marijuana smokers out their now are recreational, they try to have the best quality Sativa available.

Their bud is grown with High Intensity Lighting, not LED, with added UVB, and CO2 Injection. These three systems combined with a perfect temperature control and ppm throughout the entire grow ensures the highest quality product with unmatched potency.  “I am still 100% believer in High Intensity Lighting,” says Ronald McCronald. “As far as we are concerned, here at McChronald’s, LED is for people on a budget or trying to hide the heat. Neither of those two are a problem for us, so just high-quality looking bud is all you get from Ronald McChronald, McChronald’s,”

“All the weed, hash, and THC extracts we carry come from the top professionally-maintained marijuana farms in the province of British Columbia and certainly the entire country,” he continues.

Some of the top strains of Kush they have had and carry regularly are: Pink Kush, Master Kush, King Kush, Black Tuna Kush, OG Kush, and Quadra Hybrid Kush.

The Sativas they have in stock vary, but rest assured the only Sativa they will ever have in stock will be AAA+ or better quality. In Canada, a Sativa must be grown 100% under artificial light or you will not get a quality smoking product with its full THC potential. McCronald’s only carry Sativa with FULL THC crystals that, when smoked, will give you the energy and creativity to tear that closet apart and make it a work of art before you even notice they hours go by.

“I truly encourage you to do your research on websites that sell marijuana in Canada and make sure you choose the right one,” he concludes. “I, ‘Ronald McChronald,’ guarantee your successful delivery of your product and am the only online weed dealer that has no bad reviews and am encouraged by everyone on a daily that I’m doing a great job.”

You must live in Canada, be 21+, and answer a skill testing question.

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