9 Coolest Cannabis-Friendly Career Fields

Job-hunting doesn’t have to be a downer. Here are some cannabis-friendly career fields to broaden your search.
9 Cannabis-Friendly Career Fields

7. Entertainment Industry

9 Cannabis-Friendly Career Fields

Innumerable actors, directors, talk show hosts and on and offset creatives smoke weed, making it one of the most cannabis-friendly career fields, creative or otherwise, out there. Famous directors like Oliver Stone and Jordan Peele have vocally supported the herb.

Stone went so far as to appear on a High Times cover. In his interview, Stone told the story of getting charged for smuggling marijuana. He also described the benefits of smoking weed: “I’ve found it very enlightening. Some people don’t—they find paranoia and worry. I think if you can control your mind, if you contain it, you can make marijuana be a friend, an ally.”

Jordan Peele, who wrote and directed Academy Award-winning horror movie, Get Out, cites weed as his creative inspiration when writing the movie.

During his acceptance speech at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Peele explained marijuana’s role in creating the script. “I sat down, and I would smoke a little bit of weed while I try to write a mind-bending horror film,” Peele said.

“At some point, I just followed the truth and realized there are people that are locked up for smoking less weed than I smoked while I wrote the movie.”

Marijuana seemingly comes with the territory, whether you’re working in Hollywood or on Broadway. This means that drug tests are unlikely, you’ll have a flexible (perhaps too flexible) work schedule. Working in a creative field, you’ll also be surrounded by other marijuana enthusiasts, some of whom are creating groundbreaking content.

Additionally, some of the funniest TV and characters are inspired by weed. Check out these classic cartoon characters and these hilarious weed-inspired TV episodes.

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