Hip-Hop Artist Cardi B Kicked Out Of Hotel Due To The Smell of Weed

Hip-Hop Artist Cardi B Kicked Out Of Hotel Due To The Smell of Weed
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Rapper Cardi B had one hell of a weekend. It started with the alleged kidnapping of her prized purple blanket which remains missing. She’s calling out her own team and family members for the safe and swift return of her blankie. That wasn’t the worst of it, though. The weekend ended with Cardi B kicked out of her hotel room in the middle of the night for smoking weed.


Does Cardi B Even Smoke Weed?

Was Cardi B kicked out for smoking weed? First of all, does Cardi B even smoke weed? If there’s anything we learned from her lyrics in her hit single “Bodak Yellow,” it’s that she doesn’t hold any punches back.

In case you don’t follow her on Instagram, this is how Cardi B operates. If it’s on her mind, it’s out her mouth. Dassit.

The only time she really spoke about weed was to explain the reasons why she doesn’t smoke it. Cardi B’s first time smoking weed was a unique experience.

She smoked weed with a guy and ended up bugging the fuck out. In fact, she said she got extremely paranoid, ran outside and screamed that there was someone trying kill and rape her.

She added that she eventually apologized to the dude, dated him for four years and lost her virginity to him. See? Cardi keeps no secrets.

Cardi B admits she became a big pothead after that but stopped smoking a couple of years back. Now, she claims she can’t even take a pull without getting paranoid.

Cardi B vs. Albany PD

The Albany Police Department claims that the hotel manager called police at about 1 a.m. to report a party and the smell of weed on the second floor, where Cardi was staying. She claims that she was awoken from her sleep and told to leave the hotel because she and her team were smoking weed.

That’s when she called out the hotel staff for being racist.

The Albany PD statement said that “no evidence pointed to the weed coming from anyone in Cardi’s camp.”

Cardi B, who swears that she and the rest of her team don’t even smoke weed, was furious. She was already dealing with being physically sick and temporarily breaking up with her boyfriend Offset from the Atlanta rap group Migos

Then, she was woken up and forced to leave a hotel because of something she had no part in.

The hotel incident was the last straw. She even took to Instagram to call out the City of Albany for being racist, citing stories she heard about correctional officers in the area beating up inmates.

She added that her team was the only one confronted about the smell of weed, despite there being no evidence of weed coming from anyone in her camp. Furthermore, no search was conducted and the Albany PD claims Cardi’s team was already packing to leave when they arrived. The police department denies all allegations of racism.

The video has been taken down, but this is the internet where regrettable social media shares live on forever.


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