Top 7 Cartoon Characters Who Smoke Weed

There’s no doubt about it. These are cartoon characters who smoke weed.
These Cartoon Characters Absolutely Smoked Weed

3. Grandpa Phil (Hey Arnold)

Top 7 Cartoon Characters Who Smoke Weed

A quote from a particular episode of Hey Arnold made it clear that his grandpa was absolutely a stoner. He tells Arnold that he never finished elementary school and that a diploma is the one thing he always wanted but never earned.

After Arnold encourages him to go back to school and finish, Grandpa Phil insists that he has lost too many brain cells.

“You still have plenty of brain cells,” Arnold says.

“No,” Grandpa replied. “Not since Woodstock.”

That’s a pretty clear indication that Grandpa Phil smoked his fair share of weed and probably tripped on psychedelics as well.

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