CloudV and Tommy Chong Team Up

Cloud V Enterprises has officially teamed up with the illustrious Tommy Chong to create the Cloud Platinum Limited Edition Chong Vaporizer! The vape pen, which is the smallest portable vaporizer on the market, is black with a white logo of Tommy hitting a cloud that trails skyward to create the word “Chong.” Tommy Chong is one of the few celebrities to bridge the gap between aging hippies and millennials of today—your mom loves him, your grandpa loves him, and of course the millennial generation loves him too. His visits to High Times Cannabis Cups are always incredibly well received as his kindness and professionalism precede him.

A celebrated activist, Tommy took his decision to collaborate very seriously saying that he tried out all the other brands and decided that CloudV was the best for administering medicine to the masses. His signature acts as a literal stamp of approval for the CloudV Platinum Vaporizer. Tommy knows quality and CloudV has made him a vaper for life!

The Cloud Platinum Vaporizer is Cloud V’s second generation portable wax vaporizer featuring an even slimmer design, a removable mouthpiece tip and window in the mouthpiece so users can see their vapor building up. The pen is discreet, sleek, pays homage to a legend and reminds us all that vaping is truly a ubiquitous activity for people of all ages to enjoy. The Chong Platinum kit includes a battery, mouthpiece, Tornado atomizer, USB pin charger, wall adaptor, cloud case, standard dab tool, an owner’s manual and a personal note from Tommy Chong. Did we mention, the CloudV Platinum pen has a lifetime warranty on its battery? That’s pretty awesome if you ask us! Grab yourself a Limited Edition Chong Vaporizer now and go up in VAPE with your friends and loved ones!


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