Concentrate Review: Golden Goat

Is Golden Goat a new golden standard for cannabis concentrates?

Golden Goat: Basics

Grown by: Colorado Alternative Medicine (Island Sweet Skunk x {Hawaiian Sativa x Romulan}
Extracted by: TerpX
Tools used: Hive Ceramic Domeless, Hitman Glass Birthday Cake 10m, Newport Torch, Highly Educated Carb Cap

Price range

Pretty expensive, but you get anything from Colorado Alternative Medicine, and you’re almost guaranteed it’s going to be great. Everything in the dispensary is expensive compared to the medical market in Denver, but you get what you pay for.

 You can go to a lot of other dispensaries and get great cannabis and concentrates, but if you want a showcase nug or something for the head stash, CAM has amazing product.

Visuals/Packaging: 4/5

Great color! Thin layer of BHO with yellow/gold hues. Packaged in bleached parchment paper, looks sappy when the parchment is pulled away from the concentrate. Not the brightest color when I fold it over on itself, but definitely transparent. Very good for trim run.

Form/Stability: 3.75/5

Placed the Golden Goat concentrate in my bag upon purchasing, rode my bike home, opened the container, and noticed this “Pull and Snap” texture, started to auto butter in one corner. Personally, I prefer auto budder concentrate, but I was hoping to take home what I saw at the dispensary.

Smell: 4.75/5

Imagine spilling Sprite, or 7Up and letting it sit for a couple of days. That lemon-lime smell the syrup leaves behind smells almost exactly like Golden Goat. A very sweet, syrupy, candy-like smell that is hard to mistake for another strain. If you ever smelled Golden Goat, you know what I am talking about.

Taste: 5/5

Just like the inner core of a Lemonhead candy. Sweet, slight skunk undertone. Sweet taste lingers for a few minutes after, but never leaves a harsh taste. Would be very difficult, maybe even almost nearly impossible to tell the difference between this trim run, and a nug run of the same strain.

Purge/Cleanliness: 4.75/5

Purge/Cleanliness: No harsh trim taste, or filminess on the lips, tongue, teeth, or back of throat. Doesn’t foam, spark, sizzle, pop, char, leave a bad smell after dabbing, just melts clean and taste cleaner. No harsh BHO burn in your throat from multiple dabs either.

Effect: 5/5

Immediate alertness and motivation. Upon dabbing most other strains, there is usually a head high. Even after big dabs of Golden Goat, the user feels motivated to do something. Great daytime high, or even a nighttime high if you’re going out to party.

Caeczar’s Thoughts

Sativa lovers, Golden Goat is definitely something for the head stash. Smells great, taste great, immediate effect, the only problem I found was the auto budder. The texture before the auto budder was great too, I just really wish it had been more stable. Even if you’re not the sativa lover, this strain is always a good one to try. I expect the price to be high, especially coming from this dispensary, but if you’re in a mood to get some quality products, this is the place to go.

Overall: 4.54/5

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