8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

There are some out-there theories that people believe. But what are some of the craziest weed conspiracies that might be true?
8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

Neo-Nazis and the Nation of Islam Believe Jews Want Everyone High

8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

Most weed conspiracies receive little following from the masses. Instead, these tall tales stay with the most paranoid of society. For this conspiracy, two extremist groups with mostly oppositional politics maintain the same view. Both the Nation of Islam and neo-Nazis blame “Jews” for using marijuana to control members of their groups.

For those engaged with the Nation of Islam, they claim that “Jews” who run the marijuana industry encourage the consumption of weed in black men. Some members of the Nation of Islam believe once these black men use bud, their lifestyle changes. They become emasculated and become easy to manipulate and control. As a result, both Jewish people and weed receive blame for the destruction of members of their group.

But neo-nazi groups also fault the Jewish population for ruining generations of their group through the catalyst of weed. Their stance relies on the claim that “Jews” control the marijuana industry. The neo-nazis claim they benefit from the profits of advertising and selling the drug. Based on this stance, they argue that the Jewish people are guilty for (white) youth growing up blitzed and disinterested.

Both groups may be smoking themselves this conspiracy is so far-fetched.

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