DEA Agents Had “Sex Parties” Paid for by Drug Cartels

While the creed of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent is to hunt down those in the underground drug trade, a recent report reveals that these soldiers of the War on Drugs have allegedly been engaging in wild orgies with prostitutes and allowing Colombian drug cartels to pick up the tab.

The report, which was released by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General, indicates that DEA agents assigned to overseas operations utilized government-funded quarters to throw “sex parties” with hookers that were paid for by local drug cartels. Ultimately, the agents involved in these wild-eyed fraternizations of the flesh received suspensions somewhere between two to 10 days.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation in the report is that not only were DEA agents having regular sexual encounters with prostitutes, but they were beating them, as well. There is at least one documented incident in which an agent physically assaulted a hooker during an argument over money.

“We found that a Regional Director, an Acting Assistant Regional Director (AARD), and a Group Supervisor failed to report through their chain of command or to the DEA OPR repeated allegations of DEA Special Agents (SA) patronizing prostitutes and frequenting a brothel while in an overseas posting, treating these allegations as local management issues,” the report states. “It was also alleged that one of the subjects in the supervisors’ group assaulted a prostitute following a payment dispute. The matter ultimately was reported to the DEA OPR in June 2010 in an anonymous letter alleging that two Special Agents had frequented prostitutes while in an overseas posting on a regular basis.”

This investigation into the “sexual misconduct” of the DEA and several other federal agencies, including FBI and ATF, also revealed that drug agents accepted money, lavish gifts and weapons from cartel members.

In the report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz said that although some of the DEA agents accused of participating in sexual misadventures denied having any knowledge of the prostitutes being paid for by the cartels, there was enough evidence in the case files to prove otherwise.

The federal watchdog indicated that the DEA’s internal affairs office did not thoroughly investigate some 26 cases pertaining to agents partying with prostitutes. The DEA does not have a definitive policy in place for dealing with these types of misconduct, Horowitz concluded.

DEA officials responded to Horowitz’s allegations by saying that their agents are not at fault since prostitution is part of the culture and tolerated in many of the areas where the agents are stationed.

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