Designer Purses Mask the Smell of Your Stash

For all the stylish stoners out there, hiding your stash just got a whole lot easier.

As marijuana use continues to become more and more mainstream, companies have responded with innovative new products and services, and the latest is AnnaBis (pronounced “anna-bee”), a brand specializing in handbags and clutches for fashion-forward ladies who like to toke.

“We didn’t have anything fashionable and functional to carry our cannabis,” co-founder Jeanine Moss explained to Mashable. “That’s when the light went off.”

The bags come in three styles designed with compartments to keep your smoking accessories organizes and accessible, but the biggest selling point is the “odor-loc” technology, which keeps the smell of marijuana inside.

According to the Washington Post, the bags are lined with odor-blocking resin, often used in food preparation and medical technology, to mask the aroma.

But the two co-founders say that the bags are about much more than just hiding some weed—the company strives to de-stigmatizing pot smoking for woman.

“Men often dominate industries [like this] when they emerge, because [they have established] financial and business positions,” Moss told Refinery 29. “They then typically make products for men — or make products they think women want… We’re helping address stigma because [our brand] puts a different face on cannabis and tells women that they can be part of a new legal cannabis culture.”

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