The Dr. Dabber Boost

The concentrate market, although still a developing subcategory within the marijuana industry, has been rapidly evolving over the past two years. While extract artists hone their skills, coming up with new and innovative ways of creating safer, cleaner concentrates, there are many industry players developing incredible medicating solutions to complement that level of quality and ensure dabbers reap maximum benefit out of their oils and waxes.

The emergence of vaporizer pens and electric nails has illustrated the value of cutting edge technology in the marijuana space, but many argue that neither can truly replicate the experience of a traditional dab. Both solutions have their drawbacks, leaving many dabbers wondering why there isn’t a product that fuses these technologies together to create a more authentic dabbing experience; something that is portable and does not require a torch or an electrical cord, while also offering the same effect one would get using a hot titanium nail on a glass waterpipe.

Dr. Dabber, the company responsible for the award-winning Ghost vaporizer pen which placed in this year’s High Times Top 3 Vape Pens List, and they’ve recently announced a product that is about to turn the industry upside down. Behold, the Dr. Dabber Boost eRig.

The Dr. Dabber Boost is a portable, battery-powered rig, employing a titanium dome-less nail much like you would see in a traditional glass rig setup. It uses a glass-water filtration system to replicate the dabbing experience perfectly. The only difference is—and it’s a big one—all it takes is three button clicks and 30 seconds to get the titanium nail hot enough to take a dab. This is a game changer!

Capable of 60 dabs on a single battery charge, the Boost eRig truly is the best of both worlds: a portable dabbing experience without the sacrifice that many feel they make when using a traditional vaporizer pen. At last, you can put away the torch for good.

The Boost kit comes with the eRig, glass water attachment, 2 titanium dome-less nails, magnetic carb cap, magnetic loading tool, 2 medical grade silicon storage containers, a micro USB charging cable and a special edition Dr. Dabber keychain. It has arrived just in time for the holidays, so check out for more info.

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  1. This product is garbage
    Mine broke 3 times in less than a month, despite me taking perfect care of it
    Bad Product! Bad Company! Buyer Beware!!!

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