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Top 11 Drugs In Science Fiction And Fantasy

Mind-altering substances and fiction have always been linked. Here are the most interesting drugs in science fiction and fantasy.



If there’s one thing the fictional worlds of film and our own very own real one have in common, it’s drugs. Even in the characters in galaxies far, far away or in the humble forests of The Shire want to find a way to get high. Some seek enlightenment—to understand and fully know the truth the world that they’re faced with. Others want only to escape their reality and decrease physical, psychological and emotional pain. For some, drugs aren’t done for their ends, but rather as means and tools to achieve a masterful plan. The top 11 drugs in science fiction and fantasy below only glaze the surface of drugs in these genres, both in movies and films.

1. Naked Lunch by William Burroughs: Black Meat

Top 11 Drugs In Science Fiction And Fantasy


Burroughs is known for his dark, drug-inspired work.  But this drug would repulse most anybody. Its properties seem a lot like heroin, fully addicting the user.

Junkies on black meat even feel compelled to eat their own vomit in an effort to attain the high again.

Feeling the desire to eat one’s own vomit might make this doozy of a drug one of the most disgusting on the list of drugs in science fiction and fantasy.

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