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Attention fellow herb aficionados: Manual labor is no longer required for weed grinding. Imagine being able to effortlessly grind and dispense your herbs without the typical mess and stress associated with passé manual grinding.

Manual grinders, take a seat—while we present the latest and most innovative accessory in the industry—the world’s first automatic herbal grinder and dispenser, the Easy Grinder.

The Easy Grinder is a battery-powered device that evenly fragments your nugs into perfectly milled bud in as little as three seconds with simply the push of a button—virtually eliminating the need for any manual effort.

With its ceramic non-stick blades, even the stickiest of buds won’t obstruct dispensing. Whether you need enough bud for a bowl or a joint, Easy Grinder’s magnetic slide swing tip allows users to moderate how much to dispense at a time. Not only does this technology make it easy for users to quickly grind and dispense herb, but it also stores your stash. When the battery is removed, the closed chamber serves as compact transportable storage for up to 2.5 grams of herb. The multi-faceted grinder may also be used to grind coffee beans, pills, pepper and culinary herbs.

Easy Grinder’s long lasting li-ion battery allows for up to 300 grinds at full battery and fully charges in only two hours. The device also includes a built-in manual grinder for moments when there isn’t enough time to charge or there isn’t a power source nearby. A USB charger and a cleaning brush to slough away any residue are included with the device.

Because your grinder should match your lifestyle, Easy Grinder offers four breathtaking color options to choose from: black, silver, gold and rose gold. To purchase your Easy Grindervisit EasyGrinder.com or call 844-420-3279. The Easy Grinder is also available on Amazon.com.

But wait, there’s more!

Use promo code HT10 when checking out on EasyGrinder.com for 10% off your purchase.

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