Eddy Lepp, Pot POW, to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Photo by MG Imaging

High Times will be honoring pot POW Eddy Lepp with a Lifetime Achievement Award at our 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup on June 3rd – 4th at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds.


Lepp, who made High Times’ list of “Greatest Marijuana Gardens of All Time” for his mass grow op in Lake County, California, has spent the past eight and a half years in federal prison after being arrested and convicted for growing 32,524 medical cannabis plants (plus 11,000 more plants seized five months later), which is believed to constitute the largest medical cannabis grow seizure in U.S. history.

And High Times has been there to document Lepp’s lifetime of achievements for the cannabis community. Take a peek at some of our previous magazine features, featuring Eddy:

March 2003

Eddy Lepp March 2003 HT

September 2004

healing fields eddy lepp september 2004 ht

healing fields eddy lepp september 2004 ht

healing fields eddy lepp september 2004 ht

October/November 2004

Eddy Lepp Oct/November 2004 Grow America

March 2005

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.52.24 PM

November 2005

eddy lepp november 2005 HT

eddy lepp november 2005 HT

eddy lepp november 2005 HT

January 2009

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.52.51 PM

September 2009

September 2009 Eddy Lepp

Throughout the years, Lepp has remained a strong voice supporting cannabis causes and activism across the country. While states began to legalize the leaf, Lepp remained behind bars—until now—and we’re going to show him just how much he really means to all of us who’ve fought for freedom at the NorCal Cannabis Cup.

Join us June 3rd – 4th at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds to celebrate with Eddy Lepp, in person and out from behind bars, as we recognize him with a High Times Lifetime Achievement Award. You can buy tickets: HERE!

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